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Jaguar Repair In Coos Bay, OR

A brief history of Jaguar 

The history of Jaguar dates back to the early 1900s. The company started off as the Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922 and made sidecars for motorcycles. The company changed its name to Jaguar Cars and eventually merged with the British Motor Corporation. In 1990, Ford Motor Company bought Jaguar, but it was later sold to Tata Motors with Land Rover in 2008.

Jaguar vehicles are commonly used by the Royal family and the British Prime Minister. They are known to be extremely luxurious vehicles that are also super sporty. Every Jaguar model is known for its performance-oriented drive. You can’t go wrong with getting a Jaguar vehicle. They are well designed and will amaze you as you drive around. Whether you decide to drive a Jaguar sports car, sedan, or SUV, the sportiness and performance will surprise you.

Reliable Jaguar Repair

Jaguar vehicles, from the majestic XJ sedan to the rugged F-Pace and all other models, represent the style and distinction of fine British craftsmanship. Your Jaguar requires regular care, and throughout your course of ownership, you’ll benefit from having a reliable automotive shop with the highest levels of experience in Jaguar repair. That shop is Tom's Bulldog Automotive, proudly serving Jaguar drivers in Coos Bay, OR, since 1991. While you’re sure to enjoy putting the miles on your Jaguar around Coos and beyond, there’s no avoiding wear and tear with time. Fortunately, proper Jaguar repair and service by our certified professionals will protect the health of your Jaguar and keep you driving safely.

Some popular Jaguar models include:

Your Quality shop for Jaguar repair 

Many people who reside in Millington, Bay Park, Libby, Eastside, or surrounding areas depend on their vehicles to get around. We at Tom's Bulldog Automotive understand how important your vehicle is to your daily life. Our Reliable technicians are well trained and have many years of experience repairing vehicles. From new brakes on an F-Pace to engine diagnostics on a XE, to transmission work on an F-Type, we guarantee solid results across the board. We are meticulous with our services and will treat your vehicle with great care for your peace of mind. Come to Tom's Bulldog Automotive for the best Jaguar repair with competitive pricing! 

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We have a review score of 100 based on reviews from 310 satisfied customers. If you are in or nearby Coos Bay, feel free to give us a call at 541-269-0399 or online to schedule an appointment at Tom's Bulldog Automotive today! Tom's Bulldog Automotive - Quality you Can Trust, at a Fair Price!.

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