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5 Star Rating
Cynthia Backstrom from coos bay on 3/9/2021 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:


"Tom and his staff are friendly, professional and fun. I went there for new tires on my 2016 Toyota Tacoma truck. I expressed that I wanted AT tires that could handle all weather, even snow. Tom showed me various brands he had and I decided on the Toyo Open Country A/T III. Not only did I receive great tires, I also got a vehicle health and safety inspection, with pictures. I really appreciate Tom's professionalism and thorough review of the free inspection done on my truck. When I drove away, I felt like I was driving a brand new truck, very smooth ride home. Thanks for the great service!"
5 Star Rating
Karen Chilton from coos bay on 2/6/2020 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Fantastic service"

"Fantastic! They went the extra mile for me. Figured out what was wrong and then went further and made sure that all the little things got fixed. Explained it so that I could understand. Customer Service was excellent. I do appreciate each one that works for Tom's Bulldog Automotive."
5 Star Rating
John Roskoski from coos bay on 6/15/2018 for an auto service of their 2014 Toyota Camry and their testimonial is:


"I would tell them about the high Professionalism, high work quality, and reasonable pricing."
3 Star Rating
Naomay O'Banion from coquille on 6/7/2018 for an auto service of their 2005 GMC Envoy and their testimonial is:

"Friendly, helpful and professional"

"Good work it seems..maybe a little spendy ..also had to remind him to call about updates on our vehicle..but very friendly and professional..I will be going there again"
5 Star Rating
Shania from on 4/19/2018 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Do good work"

"They are very thorough and honest. They are very hospitable as well. They went over everything and even included pictures which I'm was very helpful. When all was done I received a little goodie bag!"
5 Star Rating
Lowell & Diane Smith from coos bay on 4/14/2018 for an auto service of their 2000 Nissan Pathfinder and their testimonial is:


"This is the best automotive shop in the area and we recommend it every chance we get. The staff/crew are wonderful to work with and we have never found anyone that is so thorough and honest about their findings as they are, and their work is excellent. We have never found a problem with anything they have done for us. They are the best!"
5 Star Rating
Robert Triplett from coquille on 3/23/2018 for an auto service of their 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 and their testimonial is:

"Fair and quality work"

"I am pleased with the work they have done."
5 Star Rating
Sean Esperance from coos bay on 3/22/2018 for an auto service of their 2000 Ford Econoline and their testimonial is:

"The shop has it all!"

"That you will find no other customer service care like what you can expect at Tom's. They go above and beyond to make sure their customers are safe and that their vehicles are well looked after."
5 Star Rating
Stan Cleveland from beaverton on 3/18/2018 for an auto service of their 2010 Toyota RAV4 Sport and their testimonial is:


"They do excellent work and provide exceptional communication at every step of the process."
3 Star Rating
Anonymous from on 3/6/2018 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"premier alternative to dealership maintenance."

"Excellent customer service and very thorough. Progress could be made in timeliness of getting customers in and out."

Reviews from Google

1 Star Rating
Anthony Watson from 09/10/2021:
"There are better companies in town to get services from. These guys are a joke, they over book clients then blame outside vendors for not receiving parts, while your car sits for weeks. They over charge for parts and labor. When the owner of the company refuses to talk with a angry customer, you know there is a problem."
5 Star Rating
Bryanna Thumma from 09/10/2021:
"Best service I’ve ever received! Offered a ride home (both times I went there) and gave a gift and thank you card. Truly wonderful people dedicated to providing a phenomenal service."
5 Star Rating
Charles Johnson from 08/20/2021:
"Where shall I start? OK. Beautiful, immaculate waiting room with comfortable chairs and tables and nice artwork. Large shade structure outside with clean comfortable chairs and a table. My appointment began right on time which is important to me because it's long drive back to Port Orford. Receptionist very pleasant and helpful. Car's entire cabin was disinfected upon arrival, seat was protected, entire cabin was vacuumed and cleaned again before returning it to me. "Some young guy" named Tom went over the costs with me thoroughly prior to the work and then carefully explained the warranty and other information when it was done. Extremely thorough safety checklist performed at no cost with a complete write-up for us so we can tend to items that need attention. Finally, much to my surprise, when I started to write my review, I discovered that the young guy who took care of me is actually the owner. Fantastic service."
5 Star Rating
Robert Reeves from 09/01/2021:
"It's a good place to be here with the people who really care about you."
5 Star Rating
Shawn Backer from 03/16/2021:
"Great experience! Rachel is absolutely the best! She made sure everything was taken care of in a timely matter for a very reasonable price. I will definately come back here next time I need repairs."